Duvel x Jitsk x Studio Pieter Stockmans: Duvel flavoured chocolates

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Authentic masters of their craft, inspired by character, passion and quality. The choice for a collaboration quickly became clear: the design created by Studio Pieter Stockmans, the chocolates made with the craftsmanship of Jitsk Chocolates and the best ingredients and flavors from Duvel. These three separate crafts provide a unique combination leading to the creation of Duvel Chocolates.

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Jitsk Chocolates

Antwerp chocolate maker Jitsk Chocolates stands for traditional craftsmanship with an innovative approach, and works only with the best ingredients. The chocolate creations have original and intense flavors that you will not find anywhere else. At Jitsk Chocolates, the pure taste of real chocolate is converted into its essence. This philosophy can also be found in the Duvel Chocolates. It's all about skill and love for the product.

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Duvel & chocolade? Dat is het perfecte, Belgische huwelijk!
Jitsk Heyninck
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Studio Pieter Stockmans

The design of the chocolates is made by Studio Pieter Stockmans. The studio, located on the C-Mine mining site in Genk, combines traditional production with a contemporary, experimental approach for its porcelain art. Studio Pieter Stockmans has been focusing on small, unique collections since 1987.

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15 Chocolates, 3 tastes

The big chocolates are a mix of milk and dark chocolate filled with a pale malt praline and a caramel flavor based on Duvel hops (Saaz and Styrian Golding).

This creation takes the Duvel brewer back to his childhood, when he took a selection from the bag of malt and tasted it its purest form. That is the first impression when you taste this chocolate; a crunchy malt aroma, interwoven with a subtle, refreshing citrus note from the hops, beautiful aromas accompanied by the melting of soft chocolate.

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The small dark chocolates are filled with Duvel that is evaporated (70 °) to a concentrated result, mixed with malt, hops and a Duvel distillate.

Chocolate for daredevils. A filling resulting from the imagination of a creative chocolatier and a traditional brewer. Nicely present citrus aroma which plays together with the chocolate; a pleasant hop bitterness is present with a delicious balance, a Duvel in a chocolate coating.

The small milk chocolates are filled with Duvel that is evaporated (70 °), malt, hops, distillate and milk chocolate.

A creation for gourmets, heavenly smooth milk chocolate filled with a buttery smooth mixture of malt, hops, and chocolate. Extraordinary mouth-filling with a fresh Duvel touch, a creamy texture with a charming hop bitterness.

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