The Duvel Moortgat family brewery is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, with a new variant of Duvel, the brewery's iconic flagship beer. As of now, beer lovers can enjoy a new mild, full-bodied blond Duvel with the devilish alcohol percentage of 6.66%.

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The sunny, warm yellow design of the bottle already suggests it. This Duvel is mild, expressive and deliciously drinkable. No fewer than 6 different hop varieties are used for Duvel 6.66%: just like the classic Duvel, it’s based on the noble and exclusive hop varieties Saaz and Styrian Golding. The flavour is then balanced by adding four expertly selected hop varieties to the mix, which also involves the dry-hopping method.

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“To celebrate the 150th anniversary of our 4th generation family brewery, we were looking for a recipe that would be both accessible and full-bodied. A 100% Duvel, brewed with the finest ingredients and with the characteristic refermentation in the bottle. There are at least 666 good reasons to drink this beer, and raising a toast to restarting the Belgian hospitality industry is certainly one of them.”
Michel Moortgat - CEO Duvel Moortgat

They say there are at least 666 reasons to try a Duvel 6,66%. Now the world-famous Belgian brewery celebrating its 150th anniversary this year has added one more. Because the tempting Belgian Blond Duvel 6,66% was awarded a highly coveted gold medal at the recent International Beer Challenge UK in the category “Belgian Style Hoppy Blond.

Earlier this year, Duvel 6,66% also claimed gold at Le Concours International de Lyon in France in the category ‘Haute Fermentation/Blond’.

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“Our long brewing experience with aromatic hops and the highly successful IJ Van De Duvel, our collaboration with the Amsterdam city brewery’ t IJ last year, formed the basis for this new Duvel. With our own, unique Duvel yeast and a blend of 3 expressive malts, we created a beer that’s mild and accessible. By leaving the beer partially unfiltered, we also obtain a light, natural cloudiness. Duvel 6.66% will be available both on tap and bottled, a fantastic addition to the existing Duvel and Duvel Tripel Hop range that we have already brought to Duvel fans,”
Hedwig Neven - Brewmaster