Duvel students

Start your academic year Duvilish

Is your suitcase ready to go to your favorite student city again? Is your son, daughter, goddaughter or grandchild starting the new academic year and does he/she deserve an extra push? Find some inspiration here!

Don't miss a single note

You'll remember better if you can take notes in a fantastic notebook or with your Duvel ballpoint pen. Is there an exam free August waiting for you?


Even though you can't drink a Duvel every afternoon, with your Duvel thermos or lunchbox you can still match this moment.

Go to college in style

Do you need more to take online classes? ;-)

Give your room a Duvilish look

Your room or study doesn't have to consist only of books and notes, right?
Combine the pleasant with the less pleasant and use the Duvel accessories to brighten up your room. You're sure to find a lot of them.

Get ready for your student room housewarming

With these must-haves, you will perfectly host your roommates and friends. Of course, these products also provide inspiration for the guests as housewarming gifts!

Good luck on your studies!
Drink responsibly.