Route 666

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The 'Route 666' road trip continues

Our 'Route 666' through the United States continues. Join us once again on a journey through the heart of America, discovering the unique charms of three new beautiful states, captured on our exclusive Duvel glasses.

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You know it better than anyone else: each Duvel glass carries its own unique story. Did you already know that we use handwork for some glasses? Read more about the artisanal perfection behind our iconic designer glasses.

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'Route 666' road trip

Celebrate independence in style with our road trip through nine beautiful states. In three waves, we will take you across all of America. Each wave brings a set of 3 unique Duvel glasses, inspired by the respective states. From breathtaking nature to vibrant cities, this journey promises to be an unforgettable adventure. Happy 4th of July!

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Personalise your own Duvel glass

This is your Duvel moment! While drinking from your own glass, 'our Duvel' will taste even better and still very tasty. Add your own text, have it professionally engraved by our engraver and receive your personal glass after 10 working days.

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Do you also acknowledge your Duvelle?

One thing that every Duvelle has in common is staying true to herself, making confident choices, and following her passion without being discouraged by stereotypes and prejudices. There are countless ways to be a Duvelle, and we celebrate them all. Maybe we should all do that a bit more often!

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A Duvel greeting card for every occasion

Are you celebrating a birthday or the birth of a little duvel or duvelle in the family? Don't let these special moments pass you by and surprise the lucky one with a Duvel greeting card. Duvel has great greeting cards for every occasion.

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Discover Duvel 6,66%

The sunny, warm yellow design of the bottle already suggests it. This Duvel is mild, expressive and deliciously drinkable. No fewer than 6 different hop varieties are used for Duvel 6,66%: just like the classic Duvel, it's based on the noble and exclusive hop varieties Saaz and Styrian Golding. The flavour is then balanced by adding four expertly selected hop varieties to the mix, which also involves the dry-hopping method.

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Discover the victory of Jan Teugels

Duvel honours everyone who has contributed to the 150th anniversary of the brewery. Our most sporty champions are part of this as well, including Jan Teugels. In 1979, the Breendonk native became Belgian cyclo-cross champion in a very special cycling outfit. Duvel was his sponsor throughout his professional cyclo-cross career. Get charmed by his fascinating story!

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