Duvel Collectors Glas - Morrison Schiffmacher

Morrison schetsen

A Duvels design with 'feminine touch'

The Dutch Morrison Schiffmacher can join the ranks of special artists and creators who were allowed to make a design for the iconic Duvel Collection. Ever since 2007, eye-catching artists and artists have been invited by Duvel to let their most creative talent loose on the specially shaped glass.

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"The Duvel glass is so distinctive and iconic, I was honored to be asked to come up with a design".
Morrison Schiffmacher
DSCF0685 bewerkt

The result

Morrison was captivated by the story that in one out of 1000 Duvel bottles there is an angel standing next to the devil on the label. Because she loves these contradictions, she used this to inspire her for design of the glass.

The glass could be the arm of a sailor or a mariner, who has a tattoo with opposites (angel and devil) put on it and then enjoys a glass of beer in his favorite bar accompanied by a good conversation. It reflects the metaphor of life. An interplay between good and evil and the connection between the devil and the angel.

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