Duvel honours cyclo-crosser Jan Teugels

The Duvel Moortgat brewery celebrates its 150th anniversary. During this special year, we honour our loyal fans, our brewers, all our employees and our greatest heroes. In this article you can read the story of one of our most sporty Duvels.

Undoubtedly, the greatest sporting champion in Duvel’s history is the passionate cyclo-crosser Jan Teugels. Duvel was his sponsor throughout his career, a partnership that Jan proudly looks back on. Jan was victorious several times, but he will never forget that magical moment on 14 January 1979 in Koersel. When he crossed that finish line, Jan Teugels became Belgian cyclo-cross champion, at the age of 30. 42 years later, we invited him to our brewery to relive those memories.

Are you already eager to hear his compelling story about his victory at the 1979 Belgian cyclocross championship?

Get carried away by Jan's story

"Everyone was raving about Roger De Vlaeminck, yet I didn't care. As soon as someone came on my wheel, I accelerated and used all my powers. I knew I was ready to win that championship!”

Jan Teugels' cycling career was not so smooth as it seems. His parents did not allow the resident of the small village of Breendonk to race. A professional career was unthinkable. Fortunately, Jan stubbornly believed in his dreams and did everything he could to pursue them. He simply did not accept a “no”. Headstrong Jan bought a racing bike and trained during every lunch break. The result: an extraordinary cycling career to be proud of.

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Wondering if Jan occasionally still pulls a sprint? He is now 72 years old, but still as youthful and sporty as ever. He regularly jumps back on his bike! We invited Jan Teugels to our brewery in May 2021 to look back on his career. While talking about his unexpected victory, he relived his career as a professional cyclo-crosser. Like a unstoppable train, Jan recalled all his anecdotes. With great pride, Duvel and Jan himself look back on his glory years.

"My parents did not want me to go cyclo-crossing. I had to prove that I could and wanted to. So I bought a bike and went cycling regularly with my mates. Before I realised, my cycling career had taken off"
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Cycling like a Belgian champion

To celebrate our cycling champion, Jan Teugels, we release the iconic Duvel cycling jersey in the Belgian tricolour. Whether you are an amateur or top cyclist... We are sure that you will pull off the best sprint ever with this jersey, just like Jan. Ready to hit the record books with this Belgian cycling jersey?

Discover his champion’s jersey
Belgian Champion cyclo-cross 1979