At Duvel, we believe in the powerful stories each of our glasses carries. To present these stories with precision, for certain glasses we have deliberately chosen artisanal handwork. This process is carried out with care and dedication, creating more space and color possibilities to do justice to the artists' designs on our iconic tulip-shaped glass.

Design glazen

Each glass constitutes a unique masterpiece. So remember that subtle signs of authenticity, such as scratches or small perforations, do not compromise quality, but rather are a tangible reminder of the splendor of craftsmanship and the human aspect we cherish. This is the perfection in imperfection that allows us to let each Duvel designer glass tell its own profound story.

Duvel glas transfer 2
Soon we will be happy to offer you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our handcrafted process. Stay tuned!

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