An ode to all strong Duvelles!

We all know a Duvelle. A strong lady who dares to be herself. A brave woman who follows her passions, makes dreams come true and inspires us all. Maybe you are one yourself!

Who would we be without Duvelles? These inspiring, hardworking women follow their passions and make their dreams come true. Brave, driven and confident. They do their own thing, don't give in to criticism and are 100% themselves. They immediately make the world a lot more beautiful and interesting.

This year we will once again be honouring some impressive Duvelles at Duvel Moortgat. Because a Duvel is not only brewed by men! Read on and discover the story of our amazing colleagues Ilse, Sofie & Ruth.

DSC 2584 duvelles 3000px

Ilse, strong Duvelle from HR

Ilse has been working at Duvel Moortgat for 20 years and knows every colleague. This early bird sits at her desk before dawn to ensure that everything is arranged down to the last detail for the employees at Duvel. At lunchtime she likes to stretch her legs and clear her head by taking a tour in the picturesque Breendonk.

Ilse is not only perfectly organized, her positive attitude and perseverance are admirable. In addition, Ilse also has a golden heart. Her door is always open for problems big or small. A Duvelle you can count on!

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DSC 2687 duvelles 3000px

Sofie, quality Duvelle

Don't be misled by her young age, because Sofie is a lady with spirit and knowledge. Every day, together with the lab, she is responsible for the quality of all beers brewed at the brewery in Breendonk.

Every day Sofie subjects our beers to her senses. First she looks, then smells and finally tastes. A dream job for many, a passion for Sofie.

Nothing escapes her keen eye and because of her expertise, combined with her energy and charm, she succeeds in getting everyone involved in the strict requirements in terms of quality and continuously improving them. In short, a real Duvelle!

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DSC 2381 duvelles 3000px

Ruth, strong Duvelle at Duvel Logistics

Ruth started her career at Duvel Moortgat about ten years ago. After a detour through Sales, she ended up at Logistics. Initially, she took care of, among other things, all flows to the tailor-made companies. Now our French customers in particular are very happy with the way she manages all their orders and she has also turned her attention to the East to support export customers.

She always follows her work very closely, which means that it is always perfectly organised. Her positive attitude and way in which she works with everyone also ensure that she is a highly appreciated colleague. A one in a million Duvelle!

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Also discover our impressive Duvelles from the previous edition!

Do you think Duvel's world is only a man's world? Think again. There are many women who play an important role right here at the brewery. Inspiring women who leave their mark every day with their dedication, expertise and passion. To showcase their indispensable contributions, we asked three female colleagues to create their own Duvel design.

DSC 3221 Serafine 3000px

Flowing freely by Serafine

A design that refers to a lively water flow, and that's no coincidence. Because designer Serafine, environmental coordinator at Duvel Moortgat, wants to emphasize her passion for sustainable water management. If you look closely, you will also see some fish swimming around. In short: a pure design of the clearest water!

DSC 2983 Joske 3000px

Skulls ‘n’ Flowers by Joske

A real Jack of all trades, Joske often describes herself. As a reach and forklift driver, this strong woman does not shy away from any challenge. In her design, a rock 'n' roll pattern of skulls and flowers, both facets of her personality are discussed: her feminine side and her tough attitude.

DSC 3104 Gigi 3000px

Beautiful balance by Gigi

As a strong brand, Duvel focuses on having the numbers right. Gigi has been taking care of this in our financial department for 20 years now. Her design reflects what she thinks is the strength of our brand: simplicity, colour and the balance between timeless and contemporary. She has added a South African touch, an ode to her favorite travel destination.

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