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In addition to the annual cooperation with Cleveland Institute of Art from Ohio, we now have the opportunity to cooperate with various American artists and offer these unique glasses. This year, we proudly present the 'Kansas City' Duvel glass.

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Glass Duvel 'Kansas City' - 2021

This new glass from the USA was designed by Eric McLaghlin. In addition to his work as a graphic designer at Duvel USA, he is an illustrator for The666cat and an alumni at the Kansas City Art Institute. McLaghlin designed this stylish glass to highlight the Kansas City skyline. The design was built around the iconic ''Western Auto Landmark sign', which is visible from the 'Crossroads District', which is a thriving arts hub.

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Glass Duvel 'Winking Lizard Art' - 2020

For the fifth consecutive year, the Winking Lizard Tavern a top U.S. Duvel account has partnered with Duvel Moortgat and the Cleveland Institute of Art to release a new, local art glass in Ohio. The 2020 Duvel glass was designed by Jane Tierney who just graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a BFA in Illustration on May 15, 2020.

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DUVEL Thomas turner 880x666px

Glass Duvel 'Atlanta' - 2020

"To the Core"
Thomas Turner
, 33, currently lives in Atlanta, GA working as a gallery artist and muralist. A recurring theme in Turner’s work is hyper-realistic paintings of animals in surrealist settings. The artwork features the world hatching from a golden egg representing the creation of the universe. At the core of it all is a peach pit floating between two peach halves. This represents Atlanta as being the center of the universe. Atlanta spirit, to the core.

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DUVEL Efren Rebugio 880x666px

Glass Duvel 'Texas' - 2020

Efren Rebugio is a tree-hugging, metaphysics-loving, island gypsy with a giving heart. Seeing nature as a blueprint of how to live life, he often uses animals in his work to describe the variety of traits we humans should aspire to attain. Efren’s intentions for the design of the Duvel Glass is to portray the collaboration between Texas and Belgium, showing the camaraderie around sharing a pint, while celebrating the different cultures.

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