0025 DSC 1887 Duvel cards 879x666

A Duvel greeting card for every occasion

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0001 DSC 1938 Duvel cards 879x666

Sending cards, back from the past.

Done with impersonal messages and phone calls. Duvel helps you say it with a card. Nothing is more personal than surprising your beloved, your father, your mother, your friends... with a Duvel greeting card. Say for yourself, how delighted are you when you receive personal mail in your mailbox? Our Duvel greeting cards add a little something extra and (something with the puns)

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Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday, or are you celebrating the birth of a little duvel or duvelle in the family? Duvel has nice greeting cards for every occasion. Of course, you get a white envelope with each greeting card.

Birthday, Mother's Day and Father's Day Cards

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Cards for birth, new home and to declare your love.

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0001 DSC 1938 Duvel cards 879x666

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The price of one greeting card is 3 euros. Do you buy 10 greeting cards or more? Then a greeting card only costs 2 euros each. Talk about an extra surprise!

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No greeting card without a gift, no gift without a greeting card!

Mother's Day is coming up. Let your mother, mother-in-law or grandmother know how much you care about her. A greeting card combined with one or more of our Duvel products will make her a happy woman! Here are some ideas.